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Jake Kreindler, PT

My name is Jake Kreindler. I graduated from Touro College, Physical Therapy Masters Program, in 1997. Having received a scholarship from the New York City Board of Education, I immediately began to work with school age children. Shortly thereafter, I began to work in adult rehab homecare, early intervention homecare, as well as weekend and holiday coverage in skilled nursing facilities and an adult traumatic brain injury facility.

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"Jake was one of the best PT’s we’ve worked with and we would recommend him to anyone seeking out the best service and education for them as well as their child!"

Jennifer Nitz, MS OTR/L 

"Jake's kindness and passion for helping others is so special. Jake is someone we feel so fortunate to have as a part of our son's journey and is making a huge impact in our son's life."

Cory & Ivy Greenberg

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What I Do


In office or home, I use my expertise as Co-Founder of DMI Therapy to help your child reach their gross motor potential, and provide families with effective home exercise programs that work!


Successful treatment planning for any child begins with a thorough evaluation and consultation. I also consult with schools and special education programs on equipment and helping students reach their gross motor potential.


I have traveled around the world performing CME intensives, to maximize intervention and give children and their families access to this valuable therapy, while spreading a message of hope for EVERY child!

Happy baby, happy parent.

I push kids further.

There's no greater joy than watching your kid grow to be better and stronger than before. I help you experience that joy by pushing them to go further than before.

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Is my child a good candidate for the DMI approach?

In short, yes! DMI is a neurorehabilitative approach. It works to stimulate the brain’s full potential through exercises targeting exposure to gravity, automatic reactions, use of distal support, and provoking new milestones. 

The only children who can’t use the DMI approach are those with fragile bones, hip dislocations/dysplasia, and some with a degenerative disease. If you are not sure if your child is a candidate, shoot me an email to discuss your child’s specific situation!

What should I expect when coming to your facility for the first time?

During your first visit, I will perform a full evaluation. This will include a medical history, a full assessment of your child’s range of motion, strength, and all gross motor skills your child can currently do independently. We then review these findings and set goals for the next 2 months.

What should I bring when coming for an evaluation?

Please make sure to bring any pertinent documentation from your doctor such as x-rays, MRI findings, CAT scan findings, or any other medical reports. In addition, please bring along AFO’s, shoes that fit with the AFO’s and another pair that fit without AFO’s, diapers, wipes, change of clothing, snacks/food your child may need or want, and a tablet or smartphone for motivating your child with videos.

I haven’t done many exercises with my child yet. Will I be able to perform the DMI home exercise program?

All parents are able to execute at least some exercises. I take the time to ensure that you can do each exercise well before we move on.

How long is each session?

The evaluation process, performed during the first visit, is generally 45-60 minutes long. All sessions thereafter are 45 min. Parents may also schedule back to back sessions, for a total of 90 minutes.

Do you offer teletherapy sessions?

Yes! Teletherapy is a great option for parents who are unable to travel to the facility.  DMI works especially well with teletherapy since each exercise has a clear starting and ending point. This allows parents to effectively implement a great home exercise program.

How many exercises will I learn for my child during a teletherapy session?

Though each child and situation is unique, parents can expect to learn 3-6 exercises during the initial 60 minute teletherapy session and 4-7 exercises thereafter.

Is my child too old to try DMI?

Age is not as much of a factor as size and weight. Please notify me if your non-ambulatory child weighs more than 40 pounds. Ambulatory children can be any weight. Please notify me if your ambulatory child is older than 14 years old.

What is a DMI intensive?

A DMI intensive is a block of time when we try to maximize the number of sessions in order to barrage the child’s brain with positive gross motor information. During an intensive, the child typically receives two 45 minute sessions per day. Alternatively, if there are scheduling issues or for parent preference, one 90 minute session is acceptable as well. Intensives typically last between 1-3 weeks. 

Care should be taken to give the child sufficient rest before and after sessions.

What are the housing/ hotel accommodations near your facility?

My office is currently located on Sunrise Highway in Valley Stream, NY, 11581. There are several hotel options within a 20 minute drive, as well as AirBnB’s within a short distance.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept any insurance plans at this time. However, I am willing to provide an invoice that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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