About Me 

By: Jake Kreindler, PT
Co- Founder of DMI Therapy

My name is Jake Kreindler. I graduated from Touro College, Physical Therapy Masters Program, in 1997. Having received a scholarship from the New York City Board of Education, I immediately began to work with school age children.  Shortly thereafter, I began to work in adult rehab homecare, early intervention homecare, as well as weekend and holiday coverage in skilled nursing facilities and an adult traumatic brain injury facility.

Pediatric treatment was always my real passion. However, after about 2 years of early intervention homecare, I became somewhat frustrated. I felt my treatment was reinforcing skills the kids could already do, but I was having a hard time provoking real change in children with more significant delays or neurological damage. 

I needed more information and hands-on techniques.

I took courses in treatment of children with hypotonia, TAMO, therapeutic taping, NDT treatment, multiple courses on school based therapy treatment interventions,  among others. While my therapy tool box was growing,  none of them resonated as my preferred modality.

Then, in May of 1999, a lightbulb went off!

At a symposium on physical therapy pediatric treatment with a couple of colleagues, the presenter demonstrated treatment strategies for a young child. During every exercise and strategy, my colleagues turned to each other and said, “MEDEK!!” They meant that MEDEK could address each issue better and would achieve better results.

When I asked them about MEDEK, they told me some information about the theory, the use of distal support, and provoking change with the pediatric population.

I was hooked.

I took the Level 1 MEDEK course in July 1999. It immediately resonated with me. The handling, theory, and implementation was exactly what I was looking for!

Following the course, through my relationship with a family who had hired Ramon Cuevas to work with their child through that summer, I had the opportunity to observe Ramon working for the next 3 months and practicing more advanced techniques and exercises than those offered in the Level 1 course.

My practice was transforming and I was getting much better and more consistent results. The children were starting to make consistent progress and I was feeling that I was provoking change rather than just waiting and watching while milestones developed naturally.

I desperately wanted to learn more. I contacted Ramon, but no courses were planned. So,after some discussion, in July 2002, I became the first student to travel for a tutorial. I travelled to Montreal, Canada, where Ramon was working over the summer. I observed, worked alongside Ramon, and learned a ton.

I began to assist Ramon in courses being given around the New York area and tried to observe him whenever possible.

In the summer of 2004, I was invited by Ramon to complete my Level 3 Certification level. Once completed, I became the 7th person worldwide to become a Level 3 C.M.E. specialist.

I have used this method every day of my career since, staying true to its principles and implementation. It has also allowed me to be creative, using the principles to create exercises for children of all developmental levels and making necessary modifications to help even the most involved children succeed.

In 2018, I began to travel around the US and the world to perform CME intensives and now host intensives in my office in Valley Stream, NY.

I am so gratified that my training and skills have allowed me to help kids around the world.

I also started an Instagram page @getyourbabymoving where I share videos and strategies to help anyone learn how to help their child.

In 2020, as the Coronavirus pandemic shut down access to therapies, I began to expand my teletherapy sessions. I worked with families from around the world,  guiding them through personalized home exercise programs.

In January 2021, I co-founded Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy along with Jo-Anne Weltman, PT.

I am excited for what the future holds and look forward to helping many more special needs children reach their gross motor potential.

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